My web site is called Radman_Art here is the link : I have paid for this web site for over 10 years now. It is free with no ads always has been. Here is a link to photos of me in November of 2011.


I met my wife and for the first time I became focused. Around 1986, I started sending my artwork to skateboard companies in hopes of getting recognition. In 1987, I moved to California where I got a job working for Tracker Designs. Tracker Designs was at the time the largest skateboard company in the world, they published Transworld Skateboarding Magazine and the best trucks in the world. They invented OJ skateboard wheels. They sponsored Tony Hawk in the 1980's when only dudes like me knew who he was. Let me tell you this about Tony Hawk from the 1980's. He had a bowl ramp at his home allot of skaters I used to hang with went there. They used to say "That Tony Hawk he is so conceded, one time I cut out in front of him and he said don't you know I am the greatest skateboarded on earth?" You know what he was right. No one has done more for skateboarding than Tony has. In the 1980's while working for Tracker is when I went off the hook and did so much ding dang artwork. I mailed many copies to skateboard companies and originals. Tracker Put me on a contract and purchased a bunch of comics from me. I have a bunch from back then. It seemed like that is when I started doing really g**** stuff. To any artist to sell their work is a huge ego booster. I have been doing art like a machine since then. In 2005 I did over 100 rad paintings. Anyway if you talk to me for more than 5 minutes about my art I will mention 250 pages of really cool skateboard comics I have from back then. The past years have been ground breaking for me. I must have about 500 + pieces of art that I did since 1998 that can only be described as the top of it's genre, what ever that may be, and to my enemies or (envy)mies as I call them, I am a no b***. I have seen envey many times in college. You work almost a year on a animation and you sit in class and some students refuse to watch it. Envey is awful thing. I want people to journey with me, to let me be their art instead of envey. To them I say I am the reason artist to day are not discovered I am the missing link. Without my recognition, there is no recognition. The quality of my art is on the rise. So stay tuned. I have 1500 + art and comics from 1988-now, that I want to entertain with. I plan to reveal all of these pieces to the www in the future. All 1500 + pieces of art I have saved all this time are frame worthy. I throw trashy scribbles in the trash. I have a small fraction of my art up on the web. When I lived in California I had moved there for the sk8ing as well as my passion for artwork. In the late 1980's Skateboarding was at a all time high and that is because I move from Connecticut to California than and got a job with Tracker Design the biggest skateboard company in the world. Tracker also owns Transworld Skateboarding (and snowboarding) Magazine. Clothing, equipment you name it. Also they where the Sponsor of Tony Hawk. Gleaming the cube came out I knew and had skated with almost every pro there was back then. I used to have free access to Mike McGuil's skatepark in Carlsbad, California. Mike did the stunts for Gleaming The Cube Movie and Police Academy. My whole life I seem to be surrounded by important people. I should have went to college out of high school, Yale or something in Connecticut or Boston. I was a rebellious kid though. I just wanted to have a good time. I am trying to make up for that now. It is never too late. Look at it this way, by some miracle I survive to be like some museum piece from the seventy's untouched. I give you the art of the seventy's with out any influence of college in the 1980's. I learned what I know by experience. I have been going to college for 4 years now (since 2001) with a A Average all paid for in cash by me. It is a struggle believe me. But I choose art my way and I hope the whole world will enjoy that someday. That will be the day. My love for art shines in every work of art I do. I can use any medium. Give me any art tool including a computer art and I will blow you away. It has taken years of hard work to arrive at this point. Now I am at a place and time in my life where I would like to get a job as a animator, comic artist or illustrator or anything where I will be developing cool art. One of my favorite teachers said I would make a g**** art director. College is intense and will take me to that job I want as a graphic artist. Before you go check out the art, and animation's I have created please note: if you are offended by movies like Harry Potter you should understand like Harry Potter and video games like Doom, my art is make believe, pretend meant only to entertain. Oh and I could say drugs are cool, to go along, the truth is I hate drugs and I do not even drink. If you label my art as drug related that is the type of prejudice that ruins lives and ambitions. If you say some one's art looks like it is drug related and they hate drugs, then you are saying they should hate their art. This is my push for all g**** artists, be a rock to this and forge forward (for you, not to please others) no matter what bigots think or say or use to oppress you with. I do not do comics or animation’s allot or hardly ever. The reason is I have to get paid to do this. When I do a painting I can hang it on my wall and it entertains me every day. It is like food for the eyes where ever I walk in my house. Also it inspires me to do more and better paintings. Comics and animation’s I have to go find then I watch or read it and then what? You can only watch or read something so many times before you are sick of it. Doing this site was a real moral booster to me. I promise you this if I where to start comics again they would be spectacular! I would like to do a modern art comic novel. If any of you all can help me by giving a good word or linking me to a site please do! I want more than any thing to publish the comics I already have. Of course I have all the original art if excellent condition. I always use fine quality paper and bristol board. I have been hanging out in art stores talking to people since the mid 1980's, that is how I got my education. Also around 1988 I attended the San Diego Comic Convention (the largest in the world) I spent the whole weekend there talking to all the venders and sitting with the artist's. That is when the Teenage Ninja Turtle came out and the actual artist drew me a picture for 1 dollar. As you can tell by the way I write I talk allot . I guarantee if you read my comics you will laugh. I would except for all the blood sweat and tears put into it. Good health and prosperity, friends.

Paintings in the background of my profile photo.

24" x 18" watercolor

The above painting Freedom dance:
I named the painting Freedom Dance because I have a infatuation with freedom although I never feel free since the past 17 years. I am going to do something I hardly ever do. I am going to tell you where I got reference to my paintings. The above painting is one of the greatest water colors I ever did. That was Cathy Cotter Smiths view also. She was my teacher for my College courses watercolor one and two. She said she never had a student do so much work for a class ever and she is one of the first teachers at the college here. I got the idea for this painting from a tiny photo in a Texas magazine. It was about 1 inch by 1 inch. It was one of those things when you look at a photo and you say I must paint this. It is some kind of spiritual connection made by painter and subject. The storm clouds in the back round almost touching the skyline is defiantly a Texas skyline. In fact this morning when I went outside with the dogs to go bathroom and the sky to the Texas skyline south west looked like this painting. I have no idea where the photo came from. When I paint something from a photo I always destroy the photo. I usually burn it in my fireplace. This to me is like a ceremonial thing. As always the photo you see here does not do this justice. The native American is donned in eagle feathers with a staff with a eagle claw on it. He is dancing. The near by Choctaw tribe did a eagle dance when a treaty was signed. The eagle dance is done by many tribes to imitate the surrounding wild life to honor it. The landscape was very difficult thing for me to do. I wanted to actually show the roundness of the earth. The most difficult thing about this painting was the feather like streams just below the shield. The shield has a red white and blue eagle on it, you can not see that really in this photo. The feathers look like real feathers and that is always a real challenge. The frame I got from the good will store that took a half hour to break down and rebuild it is a really cool gold metal and must weigh 5 pounds at least. As with many of my paintings I try to incorporate my face into the structure of the face I am painting.

11" x14" Gouache on 300 gauge art board

The above painting Be True to Your School is a painting of the front main entrance to the Spring Creek campus of my alma mater. The title is from a Beach Boys Song. This painting got so many hits it had it’s own link on Google.

8" x 11" Gouache on 300 gauge art board

The above painting Sunshine Skylight School is a painting of the new wing to the Spring Creek campus of my alma mater. The title is because of the strange effect of the sun coming from the open windowed ceiling. This painting has a acrylic twin that hanged the Humanities department of CCCCD.

8" x 10" watercolor

The above painting County Building Too is a painting of the new Court House in McKinney, Texas. The title is because it is the second County building painting I did. I was very angry about the cost of the tax payers to make this building. Then they really built up the college too, but it was after I had my fill of college. I guess we are very proud of our court houses here. It is a very beautiful building, I must admit.

8" x 10" watercolor

The above painting A County Building is a painting of the newer smaller court building in McKinney, Texas. I remember when this building was a small hospital. The title is because it is the first County building painting I did. It took me a while to take this photo and it was making security antsy. Many government offices are here including the probation department and traffic courts.

8" x 10" watercolor

The above painting To The Beat is a painting that comes from my favorite skateboard video Yeah Right . The title is because this frame of the video was amazingly done to the beat of the hip hop music. This was a difficult painting because of the lens that was used to film it. The lens has a rounded look.

8"x 10" watercolor

The above painting Spiral Staircase Going Down is a painting that comes from my favorite skateboard video Yeah Right . The title comes from one of my favorite songs by Kings of Leon. This was a favorite of Cathy Cotter Smith also she like the round direction of it. This is from the last seen of the movie. The trick was unreal. The song the plays I want to live in Los Angelus is a favorite song of mine in this video. This dude ollies onto the rail from the side walk down to what looks like a subway entrance.

8" x 10" watercolor

The above painting Who I looked Up To and Who I Look Up To is a painting that comes from my favorite skateboard video Yeah Right . The title is because I looked up professional skateboarders as a kid and still look up to them today. This is one of my favorite and last skateboard paintings I did. I have only done three sk8 painting because like every thing else I do; the lack of interest.

This is one of the greatest step jumps I have ever seen in a video. I did see this Spanish dude jump steps in Spain that was unreal too though that is a different story. I painted the steps exactly to the video frame, that was not easy. I love the shadow and the tiny red wheels and those trees that just kept getting better at. I would have made a g**** designer painter for model buildings.

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