passages de la vie ( Passing through the life )

passages de la vie ( Passing through the life ) 2003 SOLD
36" x 24" Mediums mixtes (Mixed-medium)

My idea was to represent the life as a '"Parchesy game", with steps and snakes; sometimes we climb, sometimes we slide... So, the reading of that picture is starting by the top; My face molded, paint as a house, and me... (you have to look very close to my face..) opening the door of my thoughts. The light is coming from the forehead were are my imagination and my thoughts. Then, the childhood, as all; the little girl becoming a big girl. The second row is representing the "teen time" until the "adult time". The third row is the spirituality and the important things in the life, in my own life... Then the last row; the "all-around-the-others-things"; the luck, the tempest we across, the castles we build, the nature we admiring etc.. etc.. ..The picture is made from 36 little pictures and it doesn't really have end because the last scare is a planet, as everybody it's a planet to discover... So tell me about you..

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