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Matilde, the author’s car, is a work of art, conceived in order to strike people. The idea was to let a work of art go down the roads, in the crowd, rather than drag the public to an art gallery. Art exhibitions are not so crowded, especially when they show up-and-coming, young authors. Often the organizers find it difficult to dig up something that attracts the interest of the public, something that strikes. Matilde solves the problem, it inverts it: "If Maometto does not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Maometto". Matilde goes down the roads, meets the people, makes itself discovered and watched, it attracts passer-by’s curiosity and children welcome it with enthusiasm. Matilde represents a kind of art people will talk about. ENRICO (Enrico Campioli), the author, got the car surface printed with his picture "Perspectives", which is something like the “Sistine Chapel" of this painter. Because of many breakdowns, the plan has been carried out in over one month. On the right front flank the car’s name (Matilde) is printed, which was chosen with the help of author’s children, Fabiola and Mattia. On the car’s back window the author’s data are synthetically listed, purposely only on one side, and with enough contained dimensions, in order to avoid an excessive commercialization of the car. "Matilde" wants to propose something different, also with regard to the standardization produced by the mass media; that standardization which leads the people to have the same ideas, to like the same colors, to buy the same cars. This car wants to be a hymn to our inner diversities; a rebellion to this standardization set up from others; an invitation to search in ourselves what we like, what is beautiful, without passively accepting that “beautiful” showed by advertising. One of this car’s aim is to break off the traditional patterns of thought, which people take as good, without thinking of their own tastes, diversities, inner beauties. True happiness comes from inside of everyone, not from outside: this is why it is necessary to depart from the patterns, proposed by those who claim to know, and to tell us, what makes us happy. Down in the page there are the pictures which show the car from different angle-shots. The car is an Opel Zafira and it was decorated by GAPA company in Parma. The author realized also a copy on a scale of the car, creating a nice object that could be an ornament or a child's toy. On the web page there are the directions to build it at home with your own hands.

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