La vie a l' arrivee ( The end of life )

La vie a l' arrivee
( The end of life ) 1999
10" x 12" Acrylique

I just learned that my mother had a cancer and for sure, all my picture been influenced by that event and the question ; what is the meaning of life?... In the composition, you can see the shape of a big "8", the symbol of the infinity, because for me, the life never stop, it's continue in the others that you left behind you or the ones you influenced. That's why I put a print of a hand (in yellow) behind the principal hand, it's a reference at the print hands in the prehistoric caves. It's like they are witness of the people that ones were there before us and they left something behind them to the humanity...
the egg present how we are in life, close in our self, like cocoon, and after we die, we get out and join the universe, as a spiritual being.
The egg show also the fragility of our life, our life can be gone in any moment...

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Comment by Jim Nasium on February 19, 2012 at 9:29pm

I've been looking through your work Diane and I liked everything I saw. I think it odd both you and I use squares, or blocks in a lot of our work... BTW I see some Dali influence in this work; are you a Dali fan?

 Jim Nasium

Comment by Diane Tremblay on February 19, 2012 at 11:14pm

Thx Jim :) Yes I like to play with the square motifs or the textures it's giving..The blocks give another dimensions in some ways.. I'm admiring Dali for sure , but the most influence I have is in the symbolism,..It's came to me naturally.


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