Sep. 11 2001 ( September 9/11)
cretaed at 2001
36" x 36" Acrylic Mix Media

Price: $5000

I created that picture in 11th days fallowing THE EVENT. Basically I took my inspiration from the shape of the structure of the world state center after its destruction. It was looking to me as a gothic cathedral and inside that cathedral all the horror of what happen that sad day. I put real pictures of what the media was sending and sending and sending again in boucle as strange ultimate T.V. We cried, couldn't, sleep and at beginning we couldn't even look at the awful images of people falling from the building, but with the time, we could almost look at those pictures without shake....

At the top right I wrote a word from Ben Laden when he declared the war on all the Americans who are paying their taxes to their government, because by doing it, they were participating in the Americans ideology. It was in December 1998 , almost 3 years before the event. At the right of the picture; I put others victims of this "fatwa"…

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Comment by Diane Tremblay on February 22, 2012 at 8:52am

Thx Yvette .


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